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Max Safety Day is Saturday, January 13th. This is in conjunction with the National Safety Initiative. The object of the initiative is to communicate a strong safety message.  We recognize there are inherent risks to skiing and snowboarding.  It is important to keep these risks in perspective and realize that personal responsibility is key in further reducing the frequency of accidents. Activities throughout the day will focus on safety awareness and the role of Ski Patrol on the mountain.

Kids Poster Contest

Kid’s ages 12 and under.
Theme – Draw a poster of one of the seven safety codes.
The poster drawing station will be set up all day in the lodge with colors and paper.
Local prizes
Winning posters will be entered into the NSAA Contest.

Know the Code

Patrollers will meet with kids during lunch with prizes for those who “Know the Code”. Throughout the day, Patrollers will reward those seen demonstrating extraordinarily safe behaviors with candy from Gem State.

Peter Noorda’s Sweet Turns for Safety Race

Sponsored by Gem State
Sweet turns help you control speed and avoid obstacles.
Race course on the Aspen with all kinds of fun kinks and turns.
Sweet Prizes – A candy bar for all entrants.
Race time 2:00pm