New snow last 24 hours: 0

New snow last 48 hours: 0

Base depth:

Summit depth: 34"

Snow condition: Frozen Granular

Current weather: partly cloudy

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Max Safety Day is Saturday, January 21st. This is in conjunction with the National Safety Initiative. The object of the initiative is to communicate a strong safety message.  We recognize there are inherent risks to skiing and snowboarding.  It is important to keep these risks in perspective and realize that personal responsibility is key in further reducing the frequency of accidents. Activities throughout the day will focus on safety awareness and the role of Ski Patrol on the mountain.

Nature Trail

Local Girl Scout, Grace Kosmicki, made and installed a Nature Trail located on Pebble Lane for skiers of all ages to look at and learn about the wildlife surrounding Pebble Creek as they ski downthe mountain.Come ski down and check out the signs.

Know the Code

Patrollers will meet with kids during lunch with prizes for those who “Know the Code”. Throughout the day, Patrollers will reward those seen demonstrating extraordinarily safe behaviors with candy from Gem State.

Portneuf Air Rescue

At 1:30 pm (weather permitting) Portneuf Air Rescue will be landing their helicopter on the mountain for guests to see. This exciting addition to Max Safety Day is to remind guests that if help is needed, Portneuf Air Rescue is a very short trip away and can land at various spots on the mountain.


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