New snow last 24 hours: 1"

New snow last 48 hours: 1"

Base depth: 11

Summit depth: 28

Snow condition: Light Powder

Current weather: clearing

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At 2:00pm Dummies mounted on skis or snowboard will cruise a downhill course with a jump at the end. Judging will be based on style, big air, staying on course, staying intact and closeness to a target. The chief judge TBA. Voting for the Peoples’ Choice Award will be from noon until 2:00pm.

Entrance Fee: $15 per dummy
Dummy Display & People’s Choice Award: 12:00 to 2:00
Race Location: Just above the Lodge
Official Judge: TBA

Judging (up to 5 points each category):

– Style
– Big Air
– Staying on Course
– Staying Intact
– Closeness to Target

– 1st Place: $100
– 2nd Place: TBA
– 3rd Place: TBA
– People’s Choice: TBA

Dummy Specifications:
Weight: Not more than 100 lbs.
Height: Between 3 feet and 6 feet
Width: Not more than 3 feet
Length: Not more than 8 feet
No propulsion devices, Gravity ONLY.
No incendiary devices
Mounted on skis or snowboards only
No Obscenities.

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