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ISU Student Season Pass

ISU Student Season Passes $360

Available at the Outdoor Center


Get $5 off ANY regular
lift ticket at ANY ski
resort in Idaho

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Yellowstone Restaurant
313 Whiskey Bar
The Union Taproom
Discount valid throughout the calendar year.

FREE Preschool (5 & Under) Season Pass

with the purchase of
a Parent’s Adult Season Pass
Additional Preschool Passes $25



Jackson Hole Mtn Resort/ Kelly Canyon/
Soldier Mountain/ Beaver Mtn/
Magic Mountain/ Snow King

All pass holders are to abide by the Terms & Conditions and Your Responsibility Code.

 Pebble Creek management may adjust hours and days of operation at any time based upon snow conditions and/or skier visits. 


Bring your confirmation email with you to the ticket office to pick up your pass. Season Passes pictures will be taken in the ticket office this spring, or in town next fall. EVERYONE will need to sign the release before pass can be issued. Guests under 18 years of age will need a parent’s signature. 

If you forget your pass, go to the office. Your pass will be voided and a day ticket issued one time only. You must come back to the office to have your pass re-validated before skiing on your pass again.

Your pass must be displayed at all times. Your pass must be shown every time you board the lift.

All pass holders are to abide by all warnings, rules, the NSAA Skier/Snowboarder Responsibility Code, the Smart-Style Terrain Safety Code and the Idaho Skier/Snowboarder’s Responsibility Act (Idaho Code Title 6, Chapter 11). Any misconduct including, but not limited to infractions of the above acts and/or codes, reckless skiing/boarding, abusive language or improper lift use can result in revocation of your pass without refund. 

Season pass holders who are caught committing pass fraud will have their season pass privileges revoked. If caught, the pass holder can purchase another pass at the regular price but will be ineligible to purchase a discounted pass in March. Committing pass fraud is considered theft of services and is punishable by law. Criminal charges may be filed for pass fraud.

If your pass is lost, season pass holders are allowed one “Replacement” season pass for a fee of $25.  If the pass is lost a second time, then the pass holder may re-purchase a season pass at their original purchase price.

Season pass holders can apply to extend their pass to a subsequent season in situations involving medical conditions, injury, surgery or pregnancy.  All extensions require documentation such us a letter from a physician stating the date of injury or disability.
For injuries /illnesses that occur before January 31, the pass will be extended in full plus difference in pass price.
For injuries/illnesses occurring in February, the pass holder can request to purchase a pass for the following season at half price plus difference in pass price.
There is no extension for injures/illnesses occurring in March.
All documentation must be received within three weeks of injury.

Season pass holders can transfer a current pass ONLY if it has not been issued.  There is a $25 processing fee. The pass holder must request in writing to whom the pass should be transferred.

Season pass holders who move out of the community can apply for a full or prorated refund based on the following restrictions.  All requests must be made prior to December 1st.  If the season pass has not been issued, a full refund less a $25 processing fee may be requested. If the pass has been issued, 1/2 of the purchase price may be requested and the previously issued pass must be returned along with the request prior to December 1st.

No family size limit! Family pass is for immediate family members only, defined as related by blood, marriage or law who are living under the same roof and are dependent family members.  Children must be under the age of 21. Adult children, roommates, in-laws, grandparents, or caregivers do not qualify.  Proof of dependency and age required.



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CHILD (6-12) - Season Pass$390.00 $290.00Summer Sale Price

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YOUTH (13-17) or SR (66+) Season Pass$465.00 $350.00Summer Sale Price

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